We offer expertise in a broad range of services:

Residential Demolition • Commercial Demolition • General Contracting • Complete Site Excavation • Complete Site Demolition • Industrial Demolition • Rural Demolition • Emergency Response Team • Emergency Demolition • Clean-Outs Water line Repair • Sewer line Repair


C&J Demolition

C&J Contractors is one of Cleveland’s top demolition companies for commercial and residential demolition for virtually any size structure. Our level of expertise expands across a wide range of sectors and structures, including industrial, commercial and personal. Trust in the history and tradition of C&J to help keep your project on track.


Do You Have Unique Requirements?

Here at C&J we understand that no two projects are alike, so for our clients we adjust to the unique parameters and requirements of your project.  We have the right team, equipment and capacity to demolish any structure of any size.

We have a plethora of equipment all over the Northeast Ohio area, as well as trained professionals to help meet your biggest project requirements.


Feel Safe with C&J

Safety is always a top priority at C&J, all of our employees undergo the necessary training that complies with local and federal safety requirements.  With a trusted safety record all over Ohio, we’ll meet your insurance and bonding specifications.


Keeping Cost Down

We know that price is always a huge factor when it comes to demolition projects. To help keep cost down we make sure to meet your safety requirements and schedule, and by making sure our crews get the job done right the first time and on time.